Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mom and Monster: check her out!

I have one, lonely follower at this time and I think I should acknowledge her! She has her own blog (Mom and Monster) and it is simply amazing! She deserves way more views and followers than she has already!

In fact, before I go on, follow this link right now, check her out, and follow her! I guarantee you'll LOVE it and her!

She has a freakishly adorable son (like, seriously, I don't think a kid could get any cuter). She is so easy to relate to!

I'll give a shout out to just about anyone, so if you know of an underappreciated blogger, let me know! :D I'll go check them out and give my review!


  1. You are awesome. :) I just came here to give you the link where I mentioned you!

    I just posted for the first time in a week so I didn't really get into much, but like I said there, I'm going to be doing a post for you and maybe a guest post. :)

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