Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Morning Ritual

I don't, by any means consider myself ultra thin, I have chub, but I am fairly small. I believe this is why I was able to first feel my son move around 15 weeks-ish. Just a little flutter here and there, usually when I would be laying down at night. I laugh remembering the "popcorn phase"... literally, if I ate popcorn, the kid would go nuts! People (coughmydoctorcough) would say "oh, that's not the baby, you're just feeling gas". No, I think I know the difference between gas and baby. I think even doctors forget that every woman is different and every woman tunes into their body differently. Every pregnancy is different.

Nowadays, Jace moves constantly. Sometimes it's the big kicks. You know, the ones that other people can see and feel. I would enjoy those more if my son wouldn't stop when I finally get someone to put their hand on my belly. In the words of my friend "he's a shy guy". Other times it's a little stretch or a light scrape, it's private and I like to think that's him saying "hey mom, this one is for you. Just letting you know I'm here".

Though he hasn't exactly gotten a schedule down, he has one ritual that I cannot stand.

"The Morning Ritual" as I call it.

I have never been a morning person. Getting up early for me was 8:00-8:30...and that was on a work day. If I didn't have anywhere to be, I wouldn't rise from bed until noon. Noon. I have no idea what sleeping in that late even feels like anymore.

Sigh, I guess I will never know that feeling again.

After having erratic sleeping patterns (waking up here and there...and I don't mean the half-awake-look-at-the-alarm-clock-then-pass-out-again kind of "here and there". I mean the wide awake, stare at the ceiling for 45 minutes "here and there") I get a nice wakeup call every single morning at 6:50. He squirms something fierce. Stretches out both sides, kicks at my bladder, and does so until I have to get up otherwise I will pee myself. Then, just when I am up and definitely not able to go back to sleep, he stops and stays still until around 11:00am. I sit there and grumble for a while, eat my bowl of cereal in unhappy silence, and get ready for the day.

I will say this about getting up that early: I get the cleaning done much, much faster.

Now that I have been woken up by my lovely son, let's see what the day has in store for us! I hope this has been a good morning for everyone!

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