Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Let's Get Started!

I suppose, as this is my very first post, I should introduce myself and my way of life. I was married young, eighteen years old and barely out of high school. Let me reassure you, the decision was not an impulse. My husband (Bryce), who was then my boyfriend, and I had been kicked out of his parents' house for reasons I don't even remember. We fortunately had a very good pal who was about to move in with another friend of ours. He heard of our problem and, being the sweetheart he was, told us we could stay there until we got on our feet. He would pay his rent as if he were living there. So, we packed what few things we had, and headed off to Exeter. During this time, Bryce decided it was best for him to join the military (which has proven to be an incredibly long process, but I'll get into that later). After a previously failed military relationship, I freaked out and selfishly only thought of myself and could only think of distancing myself from the hurt. Bryce then suggested that we get married so he could better provide for me. It took us a good week of discussing every option. Is this what we wanted? Was this the right thing? Were we ready? We finally decided on our answer and a month and a half later we were married in a court room with just a small group of family and friends.

Trust me, when people ask about my relationship status and they learn my age, I always get that look and the "oh, I'm guessing you got knocked up". I'm sorry, I didn't realize that people only got married because the woman got pregnant. I must be doing things ass-backwards from the rest of my generation. Sure, my marriage hasn't been an easy one, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Bryce is absolutely my best friend. He's someone I can rely on and when I look behind me for encouragement, he's always the first person cheering me on. Because we got married so young and were not yet mentally capable of the meaning of marriage, we both had done things we are not proud of. Unlike others our age, however, we did not let it tear us apart. Instead, we were patient and learned to forgive. In a way, getting married at eighteen provided me with a chance to blossom and grow with this person whom I call my "other half".

I can honestly say I wasn't prepared for how my life would change. While 90% of my friends are going to college and worrying about finals or what they're going to do for spring break, I'm all over here struggling with the concept of "cleaning" and "laundry". Don't even get me started on this cooking bit. Now, I was living with Bryce before we got married, since I've got that added "Mrs.", I feel like there is more of an expectation. I've find it hard to break old habits like:
  • Not throwing dirty clothes on the floor
  • Hanging up the clean clothes from the hamper
  • Making the bed
  • Keeping the toilet free from skid-marks 
Also, how to men manage to get their facial hair all over the place? This is a legitimate question. It has become my number one pet peeve. I find it everywhere. On the floor, in the sink, on the vanity, on the toilet, all over the bathtub. Is it really that hard to shave?

Well, if you made it this far, then I am completely satisfied. The next blogs will be more entertaining, I promise! Until next time, readers! :)

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